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National Association of Community Health  Centers


The National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) is the national trade association serving and representing the interests of America's community health centers.

NACHC's mission is "To promote the provision of high quality, comprehensive health care that is accessible, coordinated, culturally and linguistically competent, and community directed for all underserved populations."

NACHC develops policy and consults to Congressional representatives, and supports local health centers by tracking and updating healthcare centers about Congressional legislation that could have an impact on local level and providing training for the Board members serving at local health centers.


California Primary Care Association


California Primary Care Association (CPCA) is the state's leading advocacy group for health centers. CPCA monitors state and federal legislation that will provide opportunities and create challenges to the health center system of care. Representing more than 600 not-for-profit community health centers statewide, CPCA is recognized by legislators and other policymakers as a crucial source of information about community health issues.

CPCA lobbies state legislators and coordinates information-gathering about the status of health centers and their patients. A primary focus is the education of legislators and other policymakers about the concerns and contributions made by the health center system.
Mendocino Community Health Clinic, Inc. has been a CPCA member since 1994, and President Lin Hunter has served as a CPCA Board member for two three-year terms.


Alliance for Rural Community Health


The Alliance for Rural Community Health (ARCH) is a consortium of all Mendocino County health centers. ARCH facilitates networking, project collaborations and technology services to member organizations.

The ARCH Board is comprised of two representatives from each of Mendocino County's five health centers. It meets monthly to address shared issues such as collaboration with community partners, expanding patient coverage, and health care advocacy.


Health Alliance of Northern California

The Health Alliance of Northern California (HANC) is a network of community clinics and health centers working to promote the health and well-being of our communities in rural, Northern California.

Our clinics and partners work together to expand access to quality health care – including physical, mental health, and dental care – and improve health outcomes for all people, regardless of their ability to pay. HANC exists to assist and support our member clinics in their mission to improve community health and to promote and preserve community-based health care in our rural area.

HANC’s member organizations include twelve Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC’s), and one Rural Health Clinic across Northern California. In total, HANC consists of thirteen member organizations and thirty-six clinical sites, serving roughly 135,000 patients throughout the region.

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