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Board Committees

The By-Laws of Mendocino Community Health Clinic, Inc. fully outlines duties of all committees constituted by the Board of Directors; included here is a brief synopsis of committees' duties and purposes.

The Executive Committee is empowered to act between regular board meetings if a matter of urgency arises. It is made up of the Board Chair, the Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and MCHC's Executive Director. Though they may vote and act on issues of immediacy, they must have their actions ratified by the full Board at the next regular meeting. Limitations to their powers are fully outlined in MCHC's By-Laws.

The Finance Committee reviews staff budget recommendations and financial reports, presenting them to the Board at the regular monthly meeting. They also develop fiscal policies and review financial implications of grant funding. The Finance Committee includes the Treasurer, who serves as Committee Chair, and at least two other Board members. MCHC's Chief Financial Officer serves as committee staff.

The Planning and Development Committee develops MCHC¹s planning structure and the oversight process used for developing annual and future plans. They also review and recommend to Board changes in services, site utilization and organizational structures. Members include the Board Chair and two or more other Board members.

The Ways and Means Committee is responsible for recruiting Board members, adopting personnel policies, reviewing and recommending By-Laws and policy changes, networking within MCHC's local communities, engaging in quality assurance activities, publicity and community relations. The Board Chair appoints the committee chair, and two or more other members.

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