MCHC Health Centers

Career Options

Our mission, vision, goals and operating principles guide us in all that we do.

A culture of commitment, creativity and fun

Our task is great, and great people have undertaken it. At MCHC, everyone makes a contribution of value. From Environmental Service technicians to our lead clinicians, MCHC expects the best from every one of its employees. We challenge staff to find new solutions and work together to create a culture where fun is valued, individuality appreciated and where delivering exceptional results is the order of the day.

We believe in people

We believe in their ability to solve problems, learn new approaches, and work together in ways that bring out the best in the team.

We learn together

MCHC takes great pride in our Employee Development Program. We encourage employees to refresh their skills and to develop new skills that will enable our organization to continuously improve our ability to provide quality, competitive healthcare.

Included in our Employee Development Program are formal on-site training programs, regular in-service programs, continued education resources for licensed staff, a tuition reimbursement program for all staff and on-going mentoring programs that focus on leadership development.

We are committed to assuring that MCHC is a positive place to work:

  • Every staff member is committed to our mission and vision.
  • We produce exceptional clinical results through implementation of best medical practices.
  • We are highly professional and seek career development opportunities.
  • We demonstrate our customer service philosophy when interacting with patients and each other.
  • We work together to generate sustainable financial results.

Seeking Leaders

MCHC recruits and hires people who are capable of effective team-building, individuals who foster collaboration among team members. We share a common vision. We are willing and able to address difficult issues. We have developed a work environment that empowers each of us to make a significant contribution to our goals. We are willing to challenge the status quo and champion new initiatives to provide excellent healthcare services to those who would otherwise lack access to care.

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