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Counseling and Psychotherapy

Behavioral Health Programs 

In our practice, many of our patients are beset by multiple conditions. For example, a senior struggling with the effects of diabetes may suffer from chronic depression or a mother seeking care at our women's health unit may be a victim of abuse. At MCHC, we seek to treat the whole person. 

Primary Care Consultation 

Primary Care Consultation (PCC) is an integrated primary care/behavioral health program designed to serve patients whose health is affected by stress, who have problems maintaining healthy lifestyles and/or those affected by psychological disorders. The PCC model encourages medical and mental health providers to collaborate and understand the patient holistically, an approach that is broadly advocated within the disciplines of Family Medicine, Social Work and Psychiatry. 


MCHC's psychotherapy department provides outpatient psychotherapy and counseling services. Eligible patients are referred to one of our psychiatrists, licensed psychologists or licensed clinical social workers who provide services at our centers. 


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