MCHC Health Centers


The un- and under-insured of Mendocino and Lake Counties continue to have serious access problems to meet their oral health needs; MCHC's Dental Department strives to provide oral care to those who need care. MCHC continues to pursue and receive grant funding to support our focus on this problem. 

At all three sites, MCHC offers comprehensive dental services to its patients. Our team of dentists and hygienists provide customary oral care services; patients requiring specialty services are often referred out to our network of professional partners. 

Special programs include HIV dental care and oral health care for pregnant women. MCHC is one of the few health facilities in Northern California that specializes in oral care for the developmentally disabled. MCHC has commitment to community outreach that allows the Dental Department to implement short-term, community-based service projects that bring oral health education, screenings and flouride treatments into local schools and Head Start preschools. 


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