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Jerry Douglas, MD

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Jerry Douglas, MD

Physician, Chief Medical Officer

Service(s): Family Medicine

Location(s): Ukiah-Hillside, Willlits-Little Lake, Lakeport-Lakeview

Residency:  Methodist Hospital Family Medicine Residency Medical School:  Indiana University School of Medicine

Dr Jerry Douglas has joined the MCHC team as its Chief Medical Officer. He will oversee the administration of the medical team as well as mentor the primary care providers. He is responsible for ensuring quality services and excellent patient satisfaction. Dr Douglas will also continue to see patients part time at our 3 sites. He has a 30 year experience as a physician and leader in a variety of settings (including hospitals, clinics, private offices, a multi-specialty group and teaching in a residency program) which will serve to enrich the patient care experience at MCHC.