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30 Years of History

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  • 1992
  • 2022
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    Founded in 1992 by the late Linnea Hunter, we opened our first center with only 13 employees at the old county outpatient clinic ; medical and dental services implemented.


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    In 1994 MCHC moved into 333 Laws Avenue in Ukiah that originally housed the community hospital. Today, this site houses Hillside Health Center and our administrative offices. We were also designated as a Federally Qualified Health Center, allowing us to provide care to un- and under-insured patients.


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    HIV Program instituted; Ryan White title III grant received



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    In 1999, we opened Lakeside (now Lakeview) Health Center in Lakeport. We purchased a van and began a “health taxi” service to address the lack of local transportation. We provided primary medical care and expanded rapidly to meet the high demand for dental services, HIV care and mental health treatment.

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    • In 2002, MCHC established Care for Her, a unique by-women, for-women service to provide more perinatal care for underserved women in inland Mendocino County.
    • With the assistance of the Howard Foundation and federal funding, we opened Little Lake Health Center in Willits, where we totaled more than 20,000 patient visits in the first year..
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    • MCHC is 10 years old.
    • Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program instituted at Care for Her.
    • Purchased a panoramic X-ray unit. As part of our annual tradition, we also participated in Give Kids a Smile Day, providing free care to 80 children who could not afford the treatment they needed.
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    • In 2008, MCHC began an effort to integrate behavioral health providers within the medical team because we recognized that patients with the most challenges
      had underlying—and often untreated—mental health conditions. These collaborative efforts provided us with an enhanced ability to understand our patients’
      barriers to health and to respond to their needs with agility. We are actively addressing depression while addressing patients’ other illnesses. Today, we see
      that the integrated model has created an environment where cross-discipline communication leads to the development of new treatment strategies, meeting
      clinical and patient goals more quickly.
    • Care for Her tops 300 births for the year which represented a 10% increase from the previous year and meant we were now delivering a third of the babies born at our local hospital.
    • Transitioned from paper to electronic medical records, which helped us increase accuracy and efficiency.


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    • In 2009, we became aware that Lake County residents had among the worst oral health outcomes in our state. We began collaborating with Lake County Public Health
      and Healthy Start in an initiative that brought oral healthcare into the schools. The impact of this project was significant. Today, the Smiles Program is providing
      expanded oral healthcare to families throughout all of our service areas in Lake and Mendocino Counties.
    • Pediatric services established at Lakeview
    • MCHC significantly expands psychiatric services
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    MCHC has been at the forefront of treating opioid addiction since 1998. At the time, the idea of responding to addiction as a medical problem was revolutionary. We worked with our neighbors and law enforcement to
    resolve their concerns regarding neighborhood peace and safety. Working together, we were successful in helping overcome the stigma of opioid addiction. Since then, we continue to see that our patients are regaining control of their lives: holding jobs, reuniting their families, becoming healthier. We are proud of this good work and the difference it has made in many lives.

    In 2011 opioid dependency services are provided at all MCHC Health Centers

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    MCHC is 20 years old.

    We completed our $5 million federally funded capital development projects: at Hillside completing the new medical building; at Lakeview, we created a centralized lobby and expanded clinical pods; at Little Lake, we expanded the facility to create a dedicated space for Care for Her, our women’s health department.

    In gratitude for Dr. Bill Fisher’s contributions to the organization, MCHC dedicated the new medical building in Dr. Fisher’s honor. Dr. Fisher was a retired thoracic surgeon who helped MCHC recognize and realize its potential as an organization.


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    Care for Her delivers half of all babies born in Mendocino County

    We deepened our commitment to the team-based approach defined by the Patient-Centered Health Home (PCHH) model, achieving Level 3 (top-level) PCHH recognition from the National Committee on Quality Assurance for Little Lake Health Center in September 2014.

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    Our founder and CEO Linnea Hunter retired.

    Planning for growth, the property for Dora Street Health Center is purchased.


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    Our women’s health team at Care for Herd tops 578 births for the year; over 70% of the births at our local hospital.



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    It’s our silver anniversary: MCHC turns 25!

    • Achieving quality in healthcare requires having the right people, the right tools and a shared commitment to excellence. Having brought these requirements together, MCHC’s three health centers were awarded the National Committee on Quality Assurance’s highest recognition as Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Homes in 2017.  As a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), we have been able to demonstrate solid progress in achieving improved health outcomes. It means we actively engage our patients in their care; this is reflected in expanded case management services that help our most challenged populations achieve improved health and new hope. The PCMH certification also demonstrates our commitment to prevention.
    • Significant pediatric care expansion to meet the needs of the community.
    • Added new specialty care, including chiropractic and podiatry.
    • Dental expansion completed with X more operatories.
    • MCHC hosted more than 60 students who are enrolled in these programs as they work to become medical assistants (MAs), licensed
      vocational nurses (LVNs), registered nurses (RNs) or dental assistants (DAs).




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    In 2018, we opened a fourth health center site: Dora Street Health Center in Ukiah, allowing us to continue to expand to meet the healthcare needs of our community.



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    Our Hillside Pediatrics team moved into the Fisher Building.



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    COVID-19 Pandemic



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    MCHC turns 30! 30 Years of Caring