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Photo of two hands making a heart to show behavioral health care provided by licensed clinical social workers, marriage and family counselors, and clinical social workers.

Counseling for change, hope and help.

We are here to help you overcome life’s challenges when they feel overwhelming. We support patients with problems caused by stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic health conditions, and the challenges of trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our counseling and psychiatric services help you go in the right direction one step at a time.

Our counselors, psychiatrists, medical providers and case managers work together to fine tune treatments to fit your goals and support your progress. Our program is confidential and focuses on teaching, promoting and supporting behaviors that will make you feel better. We often help patients cope with common mental illnesses and conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Services Include:

  • Counseling (stress, anxiety, depression, trauma)
  • Learning to cope with newly diagnosed chronic diseases
  • Helping patients comply with medical treatment
  • Promotion of Behavior Change
  • Referrals to the appropriate level of mental health
    and substance abuse programs