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MCHC Announces Dr. Kirsten Juliet

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MCHC Announces Dr. Kirsten Juliet

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MCHC Health Centers is pleased to announce that Dr. Kirsten Juliet has joined our pediatrics team. She has been practicing in Ukiah since 1999, shortly after completing Pediatric Residency at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. When asked what drew her to Pediatrics as her specialty of choice, she said, “I realized in medical school that whenever I saw kids I smiled and immediately wanted to connect. I still feel that way.” Dr. Juliet said she wanted a career that required a lifelong commitment to learning, and she has taken that responsibility very seriously, always striving to stay curious and informed. Dr. Juliet reflected on the joy her profession brings and the personal impact of her longevity in Ukiah. “There is something joyful about every stage of infancy, childhood and adolescence. I have never lost the awe I feel when examining a newborn. They arrive with their own personalities from day one, and I consider it a great privilege to be included in their lives. I love watching them gain skills and develop over time. I've been here long enough that I am now seeing my patients bring their own children in for care, and this is just wonderful!” Because she has worked in our community for many years, she is well known by patients and providers. Here is what MCHC pediatrician Dr. Anne Martin-Ko said about Dr. Juliet: “I have known her for over 9 years. She is smart, caring, and compassionate. I look forward to working with her again.” One of the reasons Dr. Juliet dedicated her career to staying in and serving this community is childhood memories of her parents frequently moving the family (9 times in 14 years). She then lived in Germany as an exchange student and in Japan as a teacher after college. She was determined that as she raised her own children they would have one place to call home, and she has honored that commitment. Staying in Mendocino County has brought Dr. Juliet much joy. “Both my sons attended Grace Hudson Elementary, which I believe has one of the most unique educational opportunities in the area--the Dual Language Immersion Program. I also think Northern California is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. One of my favorite drives is out to the coast through Boonville. You get the breathtaking views of the mountains, the gorgeous vineyards, the coastal redwoods and then arrive at the Pacific Ocean all in an hour's drive. It really is something I've never taken for granted.” MCHC Chief Medical Officer, Jerry Douglas MD, states, “Dr. Juliet is a great addition to our pediatric team, and her expertise is greatly needed, considering the number of newborns that our midwives and obstetricians deliver each month.” The care of our children is of the utmost importance to our health center and to the future of our whole community. Dr. Juliet joins a team which is dedicated to partnering with parents, providing support, education, and treatment, all the while keeping in mind the needs of children at all ages. Her hope for this community is 100% vaccination rate, so she doesn't ever have to see children suffer from vaccine preventable illnesses. Equally important to Dr. Juliet is increasing availability of nutritious food and opportunity for exercise, getting our children active and outside (and away from their screens) to improve both physical and mental well-being. “Dr. Juliet is joining an amazing team of healthcare professionals at MCHC who focus on kids and families. It is exciting to see our team growing and expanding access to care for our community. When I met Dr. Juliet and saw how much she loves her work and this community, I knew she would be a great fit for our team.” said Scott McFarland, MCHC Chief Executive Officer. Juliet is seeing patients i at our Hillside Health Center in Ukiah and Lakeview Health Center in Lakeport. To make an appointment please call 1-855 -FOR_MCHC (855-367-6242).