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MCHC Welcomes Kaylee Schukei, PA

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MCHC Welcomes Kaylee Schukei, PA

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1/24/2022 Kaylee Schukei, has joined our primary care team. Kaylee is a recent graduate of UC Davis, where she completed her Bachelor’s of Science in Genetics and Genomics (Cum Laude), and received her Master’s of Health Services in Physician Assistant Studies. Kaylee was very thoughtful when considering where she would begin her career in medicine. Having opportunities throughout the United States, she focused her job search in Northern California, where she grew up and where her family resides. The practice she would join needed to be passionate about quality care for patients from all walks of life and contain experienced providers willing to come alongside her when a consult or second opinion was needed for a complex medical issue. MCHC is honored to have been her top choice. Dr. Douglas, Chief Medical Officer, states, “Kaylee came highly recommended by the faculty at UC Davis and impressed our team with her commitment to community health. Our team is looking forward to working with her and most importantly our community members, without a primary care provider, will now be able to get established as a new patient and seen in a timely manner. It has always been our goal to be here for every patient, right when they need to be seen. That is not always realistic when the number of providers is not equal to the size of the population needing care. We are now in a very good position to be able to accomplish this goal.” Throughout Kaylee’s college years, she explored various ways to serve within the field of healthcare, working as a Medical Assistant in an ophthalmology group, serving as a Scribe within the Emergency Department at Sutter Davis Hospital and as a Volunteer at a free health clinic. During her undergraduate program in Genetics, her interest in medicine grew and her insight into herself did as well, “I enjoyed research and learning, and during that time, I realized that I also love to work with people. I just couldn’t see a career where I stared into a microscope all day.” These valuable experiences, along with the encouragement from several primary care providers, led her to apply for the PA program. She knew from early on in her clinical rotations that she wanted to focus on primary care and preventative care. Kaylee explains why “There is often a very compelling reason for a patient to choose to integrate the medical guidance from their provider into their daily lives. For example, they may want more quality time with their families and to do so, may need to make some pretty big changes to their lifestyle, whether that be eating habits or reducing substance use; being a part of helping a patient accomplish the goal of a longer and healthier life, is what will make my career meaningful and fulfilling.” The focus on preventative care is paramount to all the care we give at MCHC, whether that be in our medical department, dental, behavioral health, or women’s health. Our providers are focused not only on treating the symptoms in front of them today but also searching for the reasons why those symptoms exist and finding ways to address those areas so that the future health of each individual is given paramount focus. MCHC’s CEO, Scott McFarland states, “Kaylee’s extensive volunteerism in promoting health education, showing families how to prepare healthy meals, and assisting underserved populations in finding necessities such as food and housing, demonstrates her personal values. MCHC is dedicated to hiring providers who share values such as these and I am so excited to see new providers, such as Kaylee, seeking to join MCHC so that together we can impact the health of our community and improve access to care.” MCHC Health Centers includes Hillside Health Center and Dora Street Health Center in Ukiah, Little Lake Health Center in Willits, and Lakeview Health Center in Lakeport. Learn more at www.mchcinc.org. To make an appointment please call 1-855-FOR-MCHC (855-367-6242)